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SOLVING EQUATIONS: TWO-STEP EQUATIONS. Directions: Solve for x in each of the equations below. Write your answer in the space provided. 1) 2x + 19 = 45 ...

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Khan Academy Solving Equations Homework Lesson 1 - Solving Simple Equations Lesson 2 - Solve Multi-step Equations Lesson 2 - Solve Multi-step Equations Worksheet Lesson 3 and 4 Solve Equations Involving Fractions Lesson 3 and 4 Solve Equations Involving Fractions Worksheet Lesson 5 - Solving Equations Review with Answers Lesson 6 - Rearranging Formulas Lesson… Do the warm-up, presentation, worked examples as necessary and practice for solving multi-step equations. You get a point for any you get correct before it shows you the answer (1 or 2 tries). There were twelve all together. You can see them in the list on the result page. Divide the total by two. Record your score out of 6 for the practice ...

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The last step of the problem-solving strategy involves checking the answer to assure that it is both reasonable and accurate. The value seems reasonable enough. The value seems reasonable enough. A car with an acceleration of 6.00 m/s/s will reach a speed of approximately 24 m/s (approximately 50 mi/hr) in 4.10 s. Homework and Practice 10-1 Solving Two-Step Equations LESSON Write and solve a two-step equation to answer the following questions. 1. Sue wants to buy a new printer that costs $189. She has $125 saved. She has a job that pays $8 an hour. How many hours must she work to earn enough to buy the printer? 2. Corbin’s car payment is $289.This is ... Lesson 13.3: Solving Area Equations Lesson 13.4: Area of Polygons Surface Area and Volume of Solids Lesson 15.1: Nets and Surface Area Lesson 15.2: Volume of Rectangular Prisms Lesson 15.3: Solving volume Equations April Ela test paper 20th 22nd Focus on weaknesses May test Math state exam paper 4th - 6th Mean median mode Displaying, Analyzing, and

Practice solving equations that take two steps to solve. For example, solve -16 = x/4 + 2. If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. Two-step algebraic equations are the ones that you can solve in two steps. A solved equation has a variable without any co-efficient or numbers with it on one side of the equals-to sign. Consider the following equation; 3x + 2 = 14. You can solve this equation in two simple steps. Step 1: Subtracting 2 on both sides: 3x + 2 - 2 = 14 - 2 : 3x = 12.