Draw the structure of the product formed when the following compound is heated in aqueous base

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(i) Write a balanced equation to show how ammonium sulfate could be formed by the reaction between aqueous ammonia and sulfuric acid. [1] (ii) Ammonium sulfate is an example of a salt formed when an acid is neutralised by a base.

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following compound is heated in the presence of aqueous sodium hydroxide. 2 2 & + 2 1D2+ + 2 +HDW ± 2 22.82 Identify the reagents you would use to convert 3-pentanone into 3-hexanone. 22.83 Identify the reagents necessary to achieve each of the following transformations. OEt O O OEt O O O O 22.84 Draw the structure of the product that is obtained Aug 07, 2018 · Draw the structure for the predominant form of leucine that exists in: a. an aqueous solution of pH = 4.0 b. an aqueous solution of pH = 6.0 c. an aqueous solution of pH = 8.0 Answer:

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These anions are formed from carbonic acid, H 2 CO 3 by removing H + ions successively as follows: H 2 CO 3 <-----> HCO 3 - + H + <-----> CO 3 2- + H + The structural relationships can be represented as: Their shapes are trigonal planar with 120 o of bond angles at carbon atom. The central carbon atom undergoes sp 2 hybridization. 1. Draw the minor product If you need to select the molecule make sure that it has both: a C=C double bond and 2 different groups of each C Name: 2. State reaction type and name molecule as the minor product linking to forming in the smallest amount. 3. Explain how the minor product is formed using Saytzeff’s rule 4. On acidification the compound (A) forms an orange coloured compound (B), which is a strong oxidising agent. Identify (i) the compounds (A) and (B) (ii) write balanced chemical equation for each step 2 15. An optically active compound having molecular formula C 7 H 15 Br reacts with aqueous KOH to give a racemic mixture of products.

We have used molecular modeling techniques to design a dissociable covalently bonded base pair that can replace a Watson-Crick base pair in a nucleic acid with minimal distortion of the structure of the double helix. We introduced this base pair into a potential precursor of a nucleic acid double helix by chemical synthesis and have demonstrated efficient nonenzymatic template-directed ... Following a similar strategy, ring opening of 1 with 4N-benzoylcytosine and NaHMDS gave compound 7 in 43% yield as the only compound. Again a 2D NMR (HMBC) confirmed the desired configuration of the product as the H6′ coupled with C2 and C6 of the cytosine.